Kate's stunning novel about the love affair between Carole Lombard and Clark Gable during the filming of Gone with the Wind will transport you to Hollywood's Golden Age.

The New York Times Book Review

–Sarah McCoy, author of
The Baker's Daughter

A Touch of Stardust is a coming of age story mixed with old Hollywood fun.... An utter delight! Readers get to go back in time to old Hollywood and not only witness a game-changing movie being made, but get to know the actors and actresses of the movie..... A treat to read. Alcott has given readers a unique novel in historical fiction. You'll find yourself wanting to watch Gone With the Wind again simply because of this grand novel!”

The Examiner

The Hollywood Daughter Coming in March 2017

The Hollywood Daughter

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Dressmaker and A Touch of Stardust, comes a Hollywood coming-of-age novel, in which Ingrid Bergman's affair with Roberto Rossellini forces her biggest fan to reconsider everything… More


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“This lively read with its cinematic scenes cry out for blockbuster movie treatment.... There’s more than a touch of stardust here. It’s liberally sprinkled on every page.” --Toronto Star

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"We all know how the Titanic went down, we all saw the movie. But what happened after? This brilliant book shows the aftermath of the tragedy, seen through the eyes of a brave, young girl who was on board, on her way to America, to start a new life as a dressmaker. From the minute Tess sets foot on the doomed ship, this is the kind of novel you simply cannot put down and cannot forget."—Tatiana de Rosnay, author of Sarah's Key